Blackbird Racing and ARMA Energy now together!

Photo: BlackBird
Photo: BlackBird
Photo: BlackBird

The agreement entered between Blackbird Racing and Arma Energy at the EICMA fair has granted Blackbird the exclusive license to design and distribute the graphics of ARMA Energy, a new brand in the market of Energy drinks.

The drink comes from an idea of the brilliant mind of Californian Scott Sepkovic, the creator of Monster Energy, and will be soon available in stores throughout Europe.

Negotiating the deal was a long and painstaking process for both parties and was successful, also thanks to the valuable contribution of Giacomo Gariboldi, Team Manager of the official Honda racing team that goes by his name. The brand new graphic outfits will be available soon (by 2014) for all motorcycle models.

The entire staff of Blackbird racing is enthusiastic about the agreement and there is no doubt the new brand will soon seize a large slice of the market and will become a major competitor of other top Energy drinks, which are quite “trendy” in the motorcycling world.

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