Irt and Nocera looking forward to racing together in Slovenia

2013-Motokros-DP-Semic_Matevz-IrtSince 2010 the FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship has been held in conjunction with the FIM MX3 World Championship, it’s only natural that when boys and girls are together that sparks fly and relationships are built. Italian WMX rider Francesca Nocera and Slovenian MX3 rider Matevz Irt are the perfect example of how a common interest (racing elite motocross) can bring two people together, allowing each other to grow, not only as individuals but as a team and professional motocross athletes.

Q: Matevs, you and Francesca both ride for the same team (FRANCY RACING TEAM), How do you find it?
Matevz Irt: I’m satisfied with this situation; we share a training mechanic which is good as we move around a lot. First we trained in Belgium, then after round one of the championship in Valkenswaard we moved to Italy, now we are in Slovenia at my house.

Q: Francesca, Did you change your view on racing in Slovenia since you started going out with Matevz?
Francesca Nocera: I like staying in Slovenia because it is a wonderful place and also the track in Orehova Vas is really nice. It was one of my favorite tracks even before I met Matevz. For sure now it is even better for me because he knows the track more than I do, so he can help me.

Q: Have you trained a lot on that track?
Nocera: I rode there once but I didn’t like it because the track was not in good condition, it was just after a cross country race so it was different, now they are working there to prepare it for the motocross race. I find Orehova Vas really nice and it is fun to ride there.
Irt: There was not that many opportunities to train there because there was a cross country race held on the track so there was a lot of obstacles like wood and tyres and things. I think this track fits both Francesca and I, so we look forward to racing there.

Q: Matevs, do you think you influence Francesca when training and riding together?
Irt: I think thanks to me she has improved a lot because when she trains with better guys like me or my brothers she is more motivated to ride at a better level. I can see her progress.

Q: Do you have a lot of friends and supporters there?
Nocera: Yes of course, Matevz´s friends are really nice and his family, too. But most importantly I have the two biggest fans in Slovenia, Peter and Jernej Irt (Matevs brothers). I expect a lot of warm hearted support there.
Irt: My family and friends will support both of us. I look forward to riding for my home crowd and I will do my best. It’s always nice to hear people cheering. I have already missed one round of the FIM MX3 World Championship (in Bulgaria) because I was ill. Now I need to gain points to regain my position back and as Orehova Vas is my home track, I hope I can achieve it.

Q: What have you been doing since racing WMXoEN in Castelnau de Levis where you and your team mate Chiara Fontanesi received third place?
Nocera: I have done a lot of training on my bike and I also raced some races in Italy. Now I’m very motivated to race in Slovenia.

Q: Anything else you would like to say?
Nocera: I would like to send a message to everybody who hasn’t seen the track ‘Orehova Vas’ before; you must visit it at least once to discover how nice it is. I would also like to thank especially to my family and my sponsors, but most of all to Matevz because he spends every minute next to me and supports me a lot.

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