Off Road Champions 2013

Offroad Champions 2013 - Antoine Meo

The 23° Edition of the book OFF ROAD CHAMPIONS 2013 by Dario Agrati  has just arrived. The cover, pictured is dedicated to Antoine Meo, E1 class world champion with KTM.

Off Road Champions 2013 will have over 230 pages, full color with previously unseen images of the Enduro World Championship, European Championship Italy, Absolute, six days, MX1-MX2 World, rankings of World Enduro GP 7.
The enduro world includes the complete story of 7, 6 Grand Prix World Champions (E1, E2, E3, EJ, EW, EY), the main characters of all different classes, a splendid chapter of 26 images Gallery pages. Told largely in over twenty pages including six days in Sardinia.

Off Road Champions is available for 32€ + 9€ of shipping (for France)…