The Maxxis FIM EWC « Best Of » 2013 is out!

The Maxxis FIM EWC « Best Of » 2013 - DVD 2013The curtain has fallen in St Flour (GP AMV of France) on the 2013 season of the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship. And what else, more than a month after this final, than the arrival of the Season Review!
The ABC Communication cameramen have once again crossed the 7 Grand Prix of the season, from Spain to Portugal, France, and the successful and original South-American and Balkan tours.

1 hour and a half of awesome images!

It’s the second time in a row that the Enduro used the natural landscapes of the Cordillera of Andes and on the desert doors. The Romanian – Greece tour gave also wonderful and astonishing images brightened by the World titles for an indecisive final till the last GP.
In this season review, you can relive the rise of Christophe NAMBOTIN (F) in Enduro 3, but also the big fight between Joakim LJUNGGREN (S) and Aigar LEOK (EST) for the runner-up place or also the explosive debuts of 2012 Junior World Champ Mathias BELLINO (F) and the hatching of Deny PHILLIPAERTS (I)
In Enduro 2, you will have the opportunity to watch the resounding crowning of Alex SALVINI (I) over Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F), Ivan CERVANTES (E) and Johnny AUBERT (F)… 14 years after Giovanni SALA (I), the HM Honda rider offers to Italy a new title!
The 4th title in a row of Antoine MEO (F) also brings a lot of excitation with epic duels against Matti SEISTOLA (SF) and of course Juha SALMINEN (SF) who retires after 8 World titles! You will find also the improvement of the Frenchies Jérémy JOLY and Anthony BOISSIERE and also the big problems of the unlucky Cristobal GUERRERO (E).
Finally the Best Of 2013 come back on the big rivalry between Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS) and Giacomo REDONDI (I) in Junior, the domination of Jamie MCCANNEY (GB) in the FIM Youth Cup and also the second title of Laïa SANZ (E) in the Women Cup!
For sure, the 2013 Best Of is exceptionally rich and gathers the big exploits of the season, the revelations, the deceptions and the suffering…
Available now in French and English, the 2013 Best Of is absolutely essential to every Enduro fans for 80 minutes of happiness!

Cost: 23 Euros + 2 Euros (Shipping) = 25 Euros
Commande: ABC COM – Tel +335. –

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