Alpinestars D71 Special Edition Tech 10 Boot

D71_Alpinestars_Tech_10_Edition_2016-03-04Daytona Beach. Florida – Almost 45 years ago, on March 13th 1971 , Daytona International Speedway hosted it’s inaugural professional motocross race on the facility in?eld beyond the road racing track. Just one year later in 1972, the Supercross format we know today began to take shape when Daytona International Speedway constructed the course directly in-front of the main grandstand on the tri-oval offering an unparalleled viewing experience for fans. Since then, countless races have transpired, and the sport has continued evolve. Race speeds have increased, and Alpinestars’ technical product innovation has continued to thrive at the forefront of protective ingenuity. Despite all these changes. one aspect of the sport has managed to remain constant since its inception; the unwavering support of its fans. To celebrate the rich history of motocross at Daytona, Alpinestars has created the D71 Special Edition Tech 10.