Beta EVO Factory Editions 2016

Beta_Evo_Factory_2016_Trial_2016-02-16During the season that just came to an end, the Beta Factory Team won the 125 Trial World Championship and the Trial World Cup. By starting with such a competitive product, the R&D department of the Beta factory further developed the Evo models to create the 2016 Factory Editions.
These new high-end trials bikes will be produced in the following versions: 125 – 250 – 300 2 stroke, and for the first time, a 300 4 stroke will be produced as well. Production of these models will be very limited for 2016.

Always being a Beta strong point, the engines receive further development for the Factory Editions including a reduction of weight. A weight savings of more than 3 lbs. enhances the performance while providing a more agile trials bike. Both clubman and experts will benefit from the lighter weight.
Among the most significant new features of the two stroke models are:

  • Titanium head pipe, considerably reduces weight and enhances the performance of the engine throughout the range.
  • Magnesium engine center cases, which noticeably reduces weight.
  • Silicone cooling hoses, reduces temperature and adds durability
  • Only for the 300 2 stroke version, new mapping of the control unit, which produces greater linear output and works together with the other engine updates.

On the 4 stroke model, the most important modification compared to the standard model is the introduction of a new titanium exhaust silencer, which reduces weight and provides added torque and over-rev. The sound is completely different as well, thanks to an extreme racing-style, “aggressive” design.


  • Single shock absorber with white spring; it has the same benefits of the one fitted on the 2016 Evo standard edition with a reservoir tank yet adds new valve settings aimed to perform better under limited traction situations.
  • White forks fitted with Factory caps that include an outer adjuster to manually change the dampening making it easy for on-the-go fork adjustments. This fork sets the standard for performance in the Trial industry.
  • Billet aluminum triple clamps anodized in red brings a key added value in terms of torsional stiffening of the front end and lighter weight.

Special components

  • Wrist kill switch, which allows you to use the motorbike under 100% safe conditions.
  • Anodized handlebar end caps, to protect the grips in case of a fall.
  • Rear sprocket decal for safety and to comply with some of the clubs rules.
  • Billet aluminum foot pegs with a non-slip steel insert for maximum grip of the boot even under extreme conditions while saving weight at the same time.
  • Racing disc brakes ensure a more powerful braking action, a more aggressive look and are lighter.
  • BrakTec clutch and brake pumps for greater braking feel.
  • X-Light Michelin tires, lighter and providing greater adhesion.

Great care was also placed on aesthetics. Indeed, Evo Factory 2016 was enhanced with new graphics and red details, such as the cover of the cylinder head and silicone cooling hoses. There are also many anodized racing details including red rims, fork triple clamps, and oil filler plug. The magnesium engine casings are still black, a signature of the Factory’s style.

Available at Beta USA Trial dealers beginning in March.
Click HERE for Gallery Pictures or HERE to go the the Beta USA website

2016 2 stroke Factory Editions available in 125, 250, and 300
New for 2016 is the 300 4 Stroke Factory
2016 Evo 250 Factory Edition is available in limited supply.