Colton Haaker takes the win at the Denver Endurocross

Colton_Haaker-Endurocross_Denver_2015-10-06Colton Haaker comes out on the top of the podium at EnduroCross in Denver! Haaker seemed to not have luck on his side as went down in the first turn and continually got run over by the other riders. However, the rough start did not hinder his ability to charge forward and place second to secure his spot in the main event. “I had a nasty crash in my heat race and Cody has been so solid in the heats and hot laps so I have been losing points” Haaker said. “So I knew it was important to get the win in the main and gain a point for the night”.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Mike Brown, a crowd favorite, took the win in the nights first heat. From there he made it into the main event with a 7th place finish. He currently sits 3rd overall in points.

The main event proved to be an epic battle of will for Haaker. He took the Nexen Tire Holeshot right in front of his top competitors. He aggressively battled for second place until towards the end of the main heat when he broke out and started to close the gap between him and first place. With 3 laps left to go, Colton pushed into the rock section and took the lead away from point’s leader Cody Webb.

Round 6 EnduroCross- Denver Results:

  1.    Colton Haaker  Husqvarna
  2.    Cody Webb        KTM
  3.    Taylor Robert     KTM

  1.    Mike Brown      Husqvarna


EnduroCross Overall Points

  1.    Cody Webb       139
  2.    Colton Haaker  137
  3.    Mike Brown       112
  4.    Kyle Redmond    93
  5. Cory Graffunder  85