European Trial at Bilstain (Belgium) – Preview

One week after the opening round held at Zelhem, The Netherlands, here are two decisive days for the European, Junior and Over 40 classes, fifty percent of their series on the historic venue of Bilstain, Belgium East, theatre of important world events in the eighties.

The large property is a closed area with natural rocks and is now often used for training riders in Enduro and Motocross.

In the main class there will be 25 riders able to face the spectacular obstacles included among the red gates mandatory for their riding. Fighting for the top positions we expect some confirms from British riders, quite comfortable on these changeable weather conditions, because Bilstain is just few kilometers South of Zelhem and even there the sections are rich of big rocks, in indoor style.

Toby Martyn (Vertigo), Peace brothers Dan and Jack (both on Gas Gas), Iwan Roberts (Beta) are all possible riders on whom one could bet for the next two podiums, but it is better not to underestimate Spanish Arnau Farré (Gas Gas) or French Teo Colairo (Beta), ready to take part to this battle. More defined is the situation in Junior class, the most numerous one: 32 riders at
the start last week. Here the Italians Manuel Copetti (Vertigo), Luca Corvi (Scorpa) and Sergio Piardi (Beta) showed a superior level in the first round and now they all are requested to confirm their potential.

The Over 40 class is open to every result. Quite unpredictable, because German Markus Kipp (TRS) built his victory recovering on veteran of this class Dutch John Van Veelen (Gas Gas) and new entry (at least for rostrum positions) Finn Sami Kymalaien (Scorpa), who surprised everybody when at half competition presented his card with the lowest score.

To encourage other riders with no European license, there will be the usual two International classes, according to the level of the riders. Being Bilstain very close to German border, it will be likely to see many German riders attending in these two classes. On both days the first rider will be start between 9 and 9:30, and the last one will start at 11:00. Two laps with 15 sections each for everybody.