Hard Enduro’s Signature Sections

Erzbergrodeo 2011 - Graham Jarvis

We profile the key sections of Hard Enduro events, such as Carl’s Diner at Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo.

Every stop on the Hard Enduro calendar has its own signature section. Each rider that enters these zones must be both physically and mentally prepared for the punishment that will be handed out.

During these areas of the course competitors forget about their position in the race and switch their focus to just getting through to the other side. Jonny Walker describes the Carl’s Diner section of the Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo as “one of the hardest sections in Hard Enduro”. Certainly every rider we asked agreed that they’re always happy to pay their check and leave Carl’s Diner unscathed.

At The Tough One a combination of slippery mud and an abundance of boulders make the The Rock Garden practically impassable after one of the UK’s trademark rain showers. And everybody is wary of the ascent of Hell’s Peak at the end of Hell’s Gate in Italy. Luckily, helpful spectators are always on hand to winch the bikers over the finish line at the summit of the climb.

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