Highlights from Enduropale 2016 – Le Touquet

Enduropale_Le_Touquet_Yamaha_2016-02-01The epic race of the Enduropale du Touquet Pas-de-Calais is known for its extreme conditions, tough races and stormy weather. However the wet and sticky sand did not hold back Yamaha; the mechanics perfectly applied their craft to get the riders at the forefront of the Enduropale du Touquet race, the toughest sand race in the world. The Yamaha riders led the way for much of the races on Le Touquet-Paris plage beach this weekend thanks to strong performances and reliable bikes, resulting in full blue all-Yamaha podiums.

In short Yamaha won:

– On Saturday: two French Sand Champion titles and one podium at the Enduropale in the Junior category and three French Sand Champion titles + a full Enduropale podium in the quad category.

– On Sunday: a podium on the Enduropale Espoirs race and a full podium in the elite category with a victory for Adrien Van Beveren, who had just returned from the Dakar.


Two Yamaha riders were crowned French Sand Champion in the Junior category

In the 250cc category, Maxime Sot and his Yamaha YZ250F won the 2015-2016 French Sand Championship. The young rider avoided taking any unnecessary risks and rode safely to bring back the title to Yamaha by finishing fourth in the Enduropale Junior.

Pierre Morel also rose to the challenge and became 2015-2016 French Sand Champion in the 125cc category. At the handlebars of his Yamaha YZ125 he signed off with a top-10 at the Enduropale Junior, which led him to victory.

Despite his injury at the beginning of the season, Jérémy Hauquier and his YZ125 ended the season on a positive note with a win and overall fifth place on the Toquet-Paris Plage beach in the 125cc category.

The 2015 MX125 World Champion, Maxime Renaux, missed the victory on the Enduropale Junior race by just a few metres. The 2015 edition Enduropale Junior winner and Kemea Yamaha Official MX Team rider ended up in second place with only a 0.6s gap to the rider in first place.

Second consecutive triple podium for Yamaha in the quad category

Expectations were high for Jeremie Warnia in the quad race on Saturday. In his quest for victories he brought back home two titles: winner of the 2016 Quaduro and 2015-2016 French Sand Champion. The rider demonstrated again his great riding abilities and all his expertise on sandy surfaces; it is his fifth victory on the Enduropale du Touquet Pas-de-Calais.

Following closely in his tracks, fellow Yamaha rider Antoine Cheurlin signed off with a strong second position, while being chased by another Yamaha rider, Florian Mangeot, in third position.


Adrien Van Beveren making history
Adrien Van Beveren won the Enduropale du Touquet Pas-de-Calais 2016 for the third time in a row. The Yamaha Racing Yamalube Drag’On Tek rider took a new turn in his career in 2016 and focused on the rally-raid; it turned out to be a solid bet as the Frenchman finished sixth overall and was the highest finishing French rider in only his first Dakar Rally. Back from Argentina since two weeks, Adrien Van Beveren?s results were highly anticipated on the Le Touquet sands and he did not fail in achieving his goal: he managed his effort and pushed a fast tempo at the right moment in order to win the race. It is the first time in the race?s history that a Dakar rider won the Enduropale du Touquet Pas-de-Calais.

Axel Van de Sande, 2nd, rightly rewarded

Camille Chapelière, 3rd and 2015-2016 French Sand Champion

Axel Van de Sande got rewarded for the efforts he made during the whole season. Trained by the same coach as Adrien Van Beveren, Sébastien Sagot, the Belgian rider was mentally strong enough to keep the tempo and shadow his fellow Yamaha competitor to ultimately finish second in the race.

For the young Camille Chapeliere it was his first podium ever at the Enduropale du Touquet Pas-de-Calais; the rider is clearly improving race by race. Chapelière took hold of the 2015-2016 French Sand Champion title as well as the third place on the Enduropale podium.

Simon Depoers, future champion
The young Simon Depoers, currently 12 years old, and his Yamaha YZ85 were the surprise of the day on Sunday’s Enduropale Espoirs race (11 to 15 years old riders) as he finished first in the “minimes” category and third overall. He did not participate in the whole championship but his good results on Berck’s Beach Cross (2nd) and Loon Plage’s race (1st) were promising. Coach Sébastien Sagot also trains Depoers.