Off Road – How To Video

Rory Sullivan - Off Road How to 2013Rory Sullivan demonstrates how to approach different sections of the trail by using alternate line choices. Whether it be racing, or trail riding, line choice is key, as it affects your speed and your momentum while riding on the motorcycle. Critical line choice is a key factor in all aspects of the every day “Dirt Biker.”


Kawasaki’s Rory Sullivan demonstrates how to master cornering on the trail. This demonstration includes step-by-step instruction on how to corner in a seated or standing position (depending on the type of corner and the obstacles surrounding the section). As he explains- “slower is faster”, an essential piece of advice for conserving energy and staying smooth on the trail whether you are racing or out for a trail ride with your buddies.


With an endless amount of obstacles to conquer in the realm of off road riding, we are here to help you nail down the essentials. Cody Schafer knows his trails and helps us break down the key elements in log crossing situations. Understanding the basics and applying these tips to your next trail ride will have you tackling these hurdles like a pro! athlete Tucker Saye explains and demonstrates proper cornering form and technique for those tricky Southwick like conditions. Momentum, balance, and focus are key factors when executing perfect corners, watch as Tucker walks you through the fundamentals needed to execute sand corners properly.