Supermoto 26mn Magazine from GP of POLAND 2015

Supermoto_S1_Start_2015-03-21Heavy rain on Saturday evening followed by rain on Sunday meant the circuit had to be modified without the use of the off road section, but it didn’t do anything to dampen the spirits of S1GP Championship leader Mauno Hermunen as he extended his points lead with an emphatic double race win here today. In S2 it was almost business as usual for Marc-Reiner Schmidt as took overall victory with a 2-1 scorecard.

S1GP Race 1
After the hot temperatures of qualifying on Saturday the heavens opened during the night to leave the riders without an off-road section come Sunday. Added to that were drizzly conditions which would keep the riders on their toes.

At the start of S1GP Race 1 it was TM X-MAX Mauno HERMUNEN who grabbed the holeshot but was quickly passed by HUSQVARNA Lukas HOELLBACHER and TM Racing Thomas CHAREYRE, but both riders fell in lap three handing the lead to the Championship leader Hermunen. Riding smooth and with confidence the Finn never put a wheel wrong and cruised to an easy win.

Behind him though things were a little more heated as HONDA L30 Ivan LAZZARINI, HONDA GAZZA IFG Asseri KINGELIN, KTM MTR Devon VERMEULEN and HONDA Freccia Teo MONTICELLI scrapped over second.

Lazzarini took advantage of the mistakes of HOELLBACHER and CHAREYRE to move into second and apart from two laps mid race where the Italian was passed by Vermeulen, was able to hold on to second behind Hermunen. Vermeulen ride a great race to place third with HOELLBACHER pushing through to fourth ahead of Teo MONTICELLI and Thomas Chareyre who lost major points to Hermunen with that sixth place finish.

S1GP Race 2
What a race awaited the Polish fans in race 2. HERMUNEN took the holeshot from CHAREYRE but lap two saw both riders make a mistake handing the lead to Devon VERMEULEN as Hermunen fell to second, Chareyre dropped to 4th.Vermeulen continued to lead the world and as he did Hermunen fell again to fourth behind Teo MONTICELLI and LAZZARINI as Chareyre struggled in sixth.

As the race went on it looked as though Vermeulen would sneak his first win in the prier class but on the final lap he was denied by Hermunen who claimed a brilliant double race victory.
Vermeulen was second and last years S2 Champion Asseri Kingelin was third.
Lazzarini took fourth from HOELLBACHER and an out of sorts Chareyre came home sixth.