Van Beveren Victorious with Yamaha at Enduro du Touquet 2015

Adrien_Van_Beveren_Le_Touquet_2015Moto Land-Yamaha Yamalube Racing’s Adrien Van Beveren made the famously intense beach race Enduro du Touquet look easy this afternoon as he rode his Yamaha YZ450F to victory, claiming the French Sand Racing Championship (FFM des Courses sur Sable) title for the second time in a row.

Despite more than a thousand participants rushing at 165 km/h to the first corner, it was none other than Yamaha’s Van Beveren who took the holeshot award and the thousand euros prize money that goes with it. The 25 year old enjoyed a fight for the lead with rival Yentel Martens, closely followed by fellow Yamaha rider Daymond Martens. The leading trio soon started lapping riders, as heavy traffic resulted in a jam in front of the first jump after the start finish.

Van Beveren skillfully followed Martens through the cluster of stranded riders and took over the lead. Martens didn’t give up easily, but Van Beveren was able to hold off the Belgium rider’s aggressive attacks. The fight was decided by the first of three mandatory pit stops. Van Beveren was the last one to go to his box at the end of his fifth lap and was soon back on his way, re-entering the race at the front.

The race leader suffered a small collision with a backmarker, but managed to hold on and steer clear of further forms of trouble. Not letting the exhaustion get to him after completing 14 laps of 13 km he cruised to the finish line and clocked a time of 3h02’46.986, followed by Daymond Martens (at 5’50.964), Julien Tournessi (at 6’32.862) and Yamaha Factory Racing Rally Team Yamalube’s Dakar rider Olivier Pain (at one lap) who claimed second, third and fourth place respectively.

Beside today’s victory, there was more success to celebrate. Yesterday Yamaha also claimed the win at the Quaduropale with a full Yamaha ATV podium and a surprising 125cc victory in the Enduropale du Touquet MX2 Junior class.

The combination of Jeremie Warnia and his YZF450R ATV at the Quaduro proved unbeatable, with the French rider completing 13 gruesome laps in 2h’42’33, as Mat Ternynck and Jeremy Forestier completed the all Yamaha podium.

In the MX2 Junior class it was Maxime Renaux who charged to the top step of the podium on his Yamaha YZ125 2 stroke. The French 14 year old,is the first rider to win the Enduropale du Touquet MX2 Junior class on a 125cc model. He completed 24 laps and finished with a time of 1h30’52.082.

The Enduro du Touquet was created by Thierry Sabine in 1975, and has become a legend in the world of motorcycle sport, attracting more than a 100.000 spectators every year. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, this legendary event has been able to evolve and adapt to environmental constraints and is seen as the ultimate get-together for professional beach racers and newcomers from other disciplines.

Enduro du Touquet
1. Adrien Van Beveren, FRA (Yamaha) 14 laps, 03:02:46.986
2. Daymond Martens, BEL (Yamaha) 14 laps, 03:08:37.950, +5:50.964
3. Julien Tournessi, FRA (KTM) 14 laps, 03:09:19.848, +6:32.862
4. Olivier Pain, FRA (Yamaha) 13 laps, 03:12:56.342, +1 lap
5. Nicolas Cailly, FRA (Honda) 13 laps, 03:15:55.967, +1 lap
6. Rodolphe Bignot, FRA (Yamaha) 13 laps, 03:16:22.918, +1 lap
7. Nicolas Leteve, FRA (Suzuki) 13 laps, 03:21:03.131, +1 lap
8. Eddy Mollon, FRA (Yamaha) 12 laps, 03:03:10.072, +2 laps
9. Arnaud Moras, FRA (Suzuki) 12 laps, 03:03:37.808, +2 laps
10. Cedric Tosatto, FRA (Yamaha) 12 laps, 03:05:25.912, +2 laps

Adrien Van Beveren – 1st, Enduro du Touquet
“This is my second victory and I am very happy! I managed to make the difference from the beginning of the race and I increased my rhythm throughout. I don’t plan to stop here and I hope that this is only the beginning of a long victory list. My motorcycle’s performance was great, so I was able to take the holeshot because I had a very good top speed on the straight line.”

Jérémie Warnia – 1st, Quaduro du Touquet
“This is my fourth victory. I led the race almost from start to finish by trying to keep a good rhythm without making an error. There were less than ten pilots on the same lap. Yamaha had faith in me and my quad. Besides being very successful, the YZF450R is also very strong, which is important in these races for being consistent and capable of winning. I hope to be able to do it again next year and I would like to continue to work with my technical team who delivered incredible work today.”

Maxime Renaux – 1st, l’Enduropale Juniors
“I had a crash on the first lap and after that I worked really hard to get back to the first place. The race lasted one hour and thirty-five minutes and I won with one minute and thirty seconds over the rider in second place at the finish. It was a good race and I had a good feeling on the track. I’m happy to have put the 125 on the podium in first place. When I started the race I wanted to win and at the end of the race I wasn’t very tired, the conditions weren’t very difficult. Yamaha has supported me since 2012 and these last three years they have helped me to have a very good bike in the European and French championship, so I am happy to work with them.”